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omgmom. Intarnet. XDXD I'm not allowed to tell you anything even remotely internet-related/amusing now. >.>

And like. I'm in ICDL class right now, right, and Mr. Hession just e-mailed me my homework due next Friday (which I won't be doing, ahahaha), and he ended the e-mail in like, size-35, big yellow font


and I was like "WTF!" so I was going to say something back to him but I decided not to and just to finish my stupid ICDL thing and then some kid blew up.


Samantha, please return your attention to the teacher at the front of the room.
Thank you very much.


or I'll call you on your cell phone and get you in trouble.



This stuff is so easy, though, seriously. It's like "HOW DO U SEARCH 4 THNGZ ON TEH INTARNETZ?" :/ So sad.

btw I want Chinese food for dinner plzkthx.


Mr. Hession is a terrible speller. And get off my blog.


WTF XDDD! Your face is a terrible speller! I win.

Nuu, I'm bored, and look, I could be bringing more attention to your "back-water blog".


Fould language does not create "foot traffic."


oops, *foul* language.


Nice save, Medical Editor Mom! Job well done. *thumbs-up-pat-on-the-back*

Can we pleeeeease have Chinese food for dinnnerrrrr omgggg ;___;


As a fellow Trentonian ('burg) I enjoyed your blog.

But, it seems from this post that you want your real identity to remain (at least partly) hidden?

Are you aware that if you click on "subscribe to this blog's feed" on the right side of the screen, what may well be your real becomes apparent?


So who are you then?


I"m Batman.



who you?


I don't know about nlb, but apparently I am Butter Man (online protector of Fair Maidens).

There's a vacancy for Butter Boy if you're interested, nlb ...


Those kids don't know what they have! (Or maybe they do, but they'd have to turn in their Union of Snarky Teens membership cards if they let on.)

Anyway -- it was a relief that you weren't annoyed by my post and pretty amazing to get back in touch with you.

Oh yeah, and your post made me get all teary-eyed while I was getting ready for work yesterday morning.


Are we all sorted yet?


*sniffle* almost. ;.;


beautiful, man...


I feel as if I've skipped 3 or 4 pages but am enjoying Sam's contribution... and I think she secretly wants her own blog ;-)


but she's got one, and *I'm* not allowed to see. harumph.


Nooo! Sam, you need to tell us where your blog is so that we can come visit you!

lou lou

merry christmas em
not been about much lately
gutted i'm missing eeryones fun
have a great time


Merry Christmas Em. Hope you and the kids have a great time and a break to relax a little. See you next year.

billy boy

Happy Holidays from the Plumbutt Chronicles!


Now this sucks! I check and you disappear for months. I take a break for a few months and you post. I'm not doing back reading daggummit. I'm too lazy. Alright, I probably will, but in my old sweet time.

Em, I hope you have a happy new year!

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