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Classic! I'm fishing around for an appropriate comment but to be honest right now I'm still wrestling with the vivid mental picture you've painted....:-)


a guess one moral of the story would be there's a reason that's the little kids bathroom.

lou lou

oh the trauma!

working in a school, but with big kids i'm the dwarf!


Is there actually a bath in there then? :-) 'Restroom' is the best euphemism though, it always conjures a picture in my head of a load of people sat in the room 'resting', perhaps after a long walk with some heavy shopping....

*runs away*


well, frequently there is. maybe I should have said water closet, with the emphasis on *closet* :-)

but really, what in the world is a "water closet"?

Mr Wibble

Oh Em..thats such a picture. They'll have you tagged as "that weird running mom from down by the river"...


well that wouldn't be too bad, I could think of worse. :-)


Nope, don't think my running counselling skills can help with "runners' trots" (as they call it on this side of the pond!)

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