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God he deserves to be beaten... I hope you punched him.


Whoever the pervert is turn him in to the cops. There has to be some law to get him on for that. In Australia he'd be hung out to dry in five seconds flat. Either that or unchain yourself from the cage and rips his bloody balls off.


That's amazingly restrained of you, Em. I too would complain about him to the cops.


What a complete shit.

A proper, "remove testicals and flush down toilet" job


That sounds like a police matter to me too.

What an utter arsehole.

Mr Wibble

Right - that's it. Where did I put my large piece of iron and my shovel?

Shop him to the cops Em - who knows what else he has done or will do.

Hugs xx


I would be removing areas of his body. He sounds not only an idiot but also potentially dangerous.

dyna girl

Holy shit, em, are you ok? What a sick bastard. Oh, God that's just so gross/wrong. He makes me worse than nervous. Glad to hear you have the reaction a mom is SUPPOSED to have! God that is so sick.

Southern Bird

Who did that?!?
Not their dad right?


Phone the cops. If they don't/won't/can't do anything then the US Legal system (or any legal system that wouldn't act on a matter like this) is fucked up.

If I were in your position I'd be blogging about being arrested for assault or worse.

It's just wrong, on so many levels.

Ms Jones

sounds like a weirdo, Em. Watch out for him!


thankfully that asshole and his asshole wife are moving to a hillbilly holler and we won't have to murder them


definitely would call the cops. make sure he's not on some list somewhere. make sure they know if he comes one way they go the other but never take their eyes off him. only speak to him long enough to tell him to go away ...LOUDLY!


I am guessing you have some shite to handle right now, eh? It'll be nice to have you back. Hope the asshoole has fallen off a cliff.

Southern Bird

The asshole is obviously not some stranger that she can just say 'fuck off' too, i just hope you are ok hunny.


You ok? You seem to have dropped off the blogosphere.

Pauly D

I hope you're ok, em.

Bridget Unnel

Jeez, wanna borrow my steel-toed boots for a got crotch-kicking? Ok, I don't really own any, but a shoppingtrip may be in order. Bloody hell!

West Windsor checking in after stumbling across your blog through someone else's.

Bridget Unnel

Alright, that should read "...for a good crotch-kicking?"

cue 70's porno music (ooooh chicka wah wah)




Late I know, but defo report him. He is a pervert and is not to be trusted around young girls.

lou lou

omg report him,
is your gal ok? poor little love





Southern Bird

Ah just read .rz's comment and feel relieved. At least they are moving away.

Thinking bout ya Em. Take care.

Your pal who you brought a pot of Fluff for once,

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