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What's an Izod-guy?

There's a golf course near to where I live that has a public right of way across it.

I've done a few things there over the years, but never actually played golf :-)

The Long Lost One

I hope you shoved the ball and his whole bag full of clubs right up his posterior.

I fucking hate golf.


Is an Izod like an iPod?

I hate golf too...

Chugging is a very good word. I must remember to use it more often myself...


hey guys, Izod is a brand of shirt favored by rich white guys who play golf and tennis. (Made by LaCoste?)


Ooh don't remind me of the 'Trenton; sudden change in neighbourhoods' dilemma.


From now on, an 'Izod-guy' is slang for 'rubbish golf player'! :-)

Southern Bird

Loving the insane asylam being opp the country club! just too good.

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