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Tehehe - the editor gets edited :-)


very funny Tilesey and you misspelled teehee.

dyna girl

Oh, I hate collaboration! It always sounds like less work but end up being more. Plus, it drives me to start pulling my hair out, pick my face and bit my cheeks.

"Don't want anyone getting any ideas"...ha ha ha!Does she mean 'think critically and independently'? Too funny, especially the ruler.

Hey...how is between 6/12-6/24? I have a friend in NYC and in Verona, NJ I want to see too, and I am trying to get schedules right. I know I have asked you this before...sorry! xox

Southern Bird

how about "god is a woman and a bitch?"
would that help?


After all...God is quite fluffy really....

The Long Lost One

Collaborations are good things.

Ms Jones

What Southern Bird said, but also add that she's a black, lesbian single mother, too. That should really ruffle her feathers


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