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Johnny the Horse

Hey there. Did you get the email re the bookgroup prob and if so did it help?

The Long Lost One

*blushes* And I think you're awesome too!


Oh yea!


I'm always up for instant gratification.


'the ultimate blog MC'. That's a good thing right? :-)

Pauly D

I sent this post to my parents who are very proud of me.

Thank you for finally getting them off my back!


Thanks for the plug, Em, but we spell criticise with an "s" on this side of the pond :-)

lou lou

we love you too!

Dyan Girl

Why, Dahling, I do believe I am blushing!

Dyna Girl

Oh, and I sang your praisies at Wibble BEFORE I came here, for the record ;)

And look how hung over I am, I wrote Dyan Girl abouve. Oy.

Southern Bird

awwww em.. you rule lassy.

(as in 'lady' not 'dog')


I'm an inspriational LJer. :(





Aw, thanks, Em!

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