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lou lou

shit hun, not great, for the best though and she'll understand


Funny that eh? Cats and birds not getting on...:-)

Good luck explaining..I'm sure she'll understand. In a few years. :-)


Bummer. They can't seem to ever get over that instinct...maybe if you got an older cat?

Our cat sits on top of the fish tank and puts her paw down through the wooden slats until she hits water!


they can get along, i've seen it! but i think i should try for a younger kitten, then maybe this critter will grow up believing that everyone has a bird who walks around on mommy's shoulders.


I have a rescue Cat. I had to be interviewed to see if I was suitable by some little old biddie who wanted to see if I had all the appropriate equipment. The Cat (Ruprecht) came with a little c.v and a personality profile. I nearly pissed myself.


My girls now want a dog.
I'll never get the bloody thing out of my crotch.


not to mention what it likes to do to your leg...;-)


I think ponies get alone perfectly well with birds ...

Not helping? Sorry.



I meant 'along', of course.


hey you, pipe down! :-)


(leggy must have a wiffy crotch!)

And yes to getting a kitten.. like about 9 - 10 weeks old... and then a little water spray bottle and when it even looks at the bird funny squirt it. It'll soon get the message.


Nice to see you back Em - hope your holiday was good.

I agree with Fluffy - the old spray bottle works perfectly.

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