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I'm no good at being a Valet, can't clean for toffee. However, I can do a good Butler and I even have an interesting accent that goes with it too.

Additionally, if you need a man who can swim two miles with a dagger clenched between his teeth then I can do that too. I wouldn't be very good at valeting afterwards though.


now there's a skill-set that could come in handy! Can I subsitute something else for that dagger?


Sure, as long as it's not a large box of tampons.


lordy no! wouldn't that be a drag. :-)


but quite an absorbing problem none the less..

Johnny the Horse

I am one of these people who try desperately to organise my life and end up making the whole mess more complicated. I would have a valet in tears in 5 seconds, and therapy in 10. Even my filofax cringes at me.


If it had been me, there would have been an arc of salad dressing across my person too.


the aformentioned tampons seem to be pretty absorbent, have you tried those?


ooo, excellent idea! but they're all gone now...:-(


If Personal Valet followed you everywhere, you'd soon get tired of him and his advice, sending him packing. Unless he's tall, dark, handsome and hung. Then it's an entirely different thing, isn't it?


indeed! Personal Valet has additional tasks on his job description document...:-))

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