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I must confess, I looked up lollygagging, and of course it's a word. How could I have doubted you? :-)

So, I'm impressed. In our canals we have discarded shopping trolleys, prams, the occassional Mersey Trout and so on, you have humping snapping turtles!

The Long Lost One

EASILY THE COOLEST BIKE EVER. Although the 8-ball one is pretty damn funky too. What I can't work out is how much they cost, because I really really want one now! Please divulge the relevant information young Em.


ron, stop lollygaggin around with the dictionarya nd get back to work!

ooo, i almost bought that 8 Ball, but it's just like a black Schwinn cruiser that I already have so i got the other. They're not so cheap, LLO. :-(


Ooh that brings back memories of the Bikes we used to make in Engineering class at School.

I want one now...

Mr Wibble

You is cool - so darn cool :)

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