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Well done!

er...I think.. and never mind about the arm and leg, you've got another one of each.



Not you as well.

It's bad enough with Softball Barbie gearing up for another National Competition.


ooo! can i pitch?


"I booted an easy grounder at third base with the bases loaded"?

That's not English. Admit it - you're making up the words!

lou lou

sounds like me after attempting windsurfing yet again
i'm sacking it now

Little Blogger

I remember the heady days of youth, when I cared not a jot for the numerous injuries I heaped upon myself due to my wanton abandon of the laws of gravity, propulsion, and common sense. Oh to be back in the construction site with my action man and GI Joe toys!

Those were the days.

Oh yeah, congratulations Em.

Southern Bird

Oh Em. The pain of victory. Was it really worth it? Really? Why in the name of the lord ... WHYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!
Think of the children.


*Bows and leaves*

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